Welcome to the Ascension Chamber of Commerce website!  We are proud to present to you our newly redesigned and updated website with quick reference guides containing all of our current business chamber members as well as a comprehensive list of community resources currently supporting our area.

The mission of the Ascension Chamber of Commerce is to facilitate and foster economic growth for our members.  We encourage you to shop, dine, and do business with our over 530 local chamber members!

Ascension Parish is the fastest growing parish in the State of Louisiana with over 120,000 citizens in the year 2017.  Situated along the Mississippi River and the Industrial Plant corridor, Ascension Parish is not only a home to large industry but is also a hub for retail and small business.  We strongly believe that the key to Ascension Parish’s economic viability is the partnership between our local businesses and our community fostered by a strong Chamber of Commerce.

As a strong Chamber of Commerce, we strive to be the primary voice representing the business community of Ascension Parish and “the” resource for business connectivity.  We continue to serve as a hub to provide information for business referrals and services, governmental agencies, and community based organizations.

In 2017, we implemented a 5-year strategic plan, or Vision 2021.  In keeping with our Vision 2021, the Ascension Chamber is committed to ensuring that membership is treated as an investment and not an expense.  Some of the Chamber’s key objectives in Vision 2021 are to grow membership, increase member services, and bring people together on important issues for the betterment of Ascension Parish.

In closing, if you are a chamber member, we want to thank you for your investment into our Chamber and appreciate all that you do for Ascension Parish.  If you are not a current chamber member, please consider joining the bandwagon and being a part of our Vision 2021.  We also want to thank the community for its continued support of The Ascension Chamber of Commerce, and we look forward to another year of success serving Ascension Parish.

Very Truly Yours,

Michael Buturla (Domain Architecture)
Chairman of the Board (2018), Ascension Chamber of Commerce

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