There has never been a more important and convenient time to shop locally and support small businesses right in your own community. To survive the pandemic, our small businesses have triumphantly evolved  and adapted to the changing retail environment. Thankfully for consumers, this means that you have even more ways to shop with many of your favorite local retailers. Instead of saving a few quick bucks with online megastores, look to your local retailers for new and convenient shopping opportunities that can save a business and build a better community.

Personalized Convenience for You

For years, online mega-retailers have had the competitive edge due to convenience and accessibility, but our local and small businesses have taken a giant leap ahead of those mega-retailers by now offering that online presence with a much more personal feel and level of service. Reserve ahead, curbside and in-store pickup allow you to pick up purchases at your convenience. Don’t want to wait a week or even two days for your purchase to arrive, visit one of your local retailers. Prefer to have it shipped to your home? Many local retailers offer that too! While local businesses may never beat online mega-retailers on price, they typically surpass the big competitors in customer satisfaction.

Safely Explore

During a time when our activity has been limited, a simple trip to the store now serves as a seemingly new adventure. Nothing can replace stepping foot into a store full of specially curated and organized merchandise. Thankfully, our retailers have stepped up their policies to match CDC and other governing guidelines regarding public health and your safety.  Whether it’s a hardware store or clothing boutique, these retailers know their shoppers and want to showcase all of their products to meet each customer’s need.

Save a Business

Business owners have been put through the ringer this year, and this is a great time to give them a boost of confidence to close out this unimaginable year. For those businesses that have been staples in the community, it is now our time to give back to them!

Build Your Community

There’s no question that shopping locally positively benefits the community, but what are all of the benefits that you may not be thinking about? First and foremost, our local businesses build a stronger economy. These local businesses generate sales tax revenue as well as jobs and opportunities for other local residents and businesses. Local businesses are more likely to use local vendors, suppliers, contractors, print shops, and more to continue the cycle of business health within the community. It’s the multiplier effect! Local businesses are also more likely to give back and support their community through local non-profits, events, teams, and more which creates a connected and invested community.

The bottom line is…thriving and unique area businesses make your community a vibrant place to live and positively impacts home values, school ratings and so much more.