The Highway 30 corridor is not only one of the most vital corridors to the local economy, but also to state and national economies.

Highway 30 cannot currently support the amount of traffic congestion due to its significant placement as a connector to industrial plants, retail, businesses, and major new developments such as Heritage Crossing. Also, the alignment of the new Mississippi Bridge will have a significant impact by increasing the traffic load traveling to the I-10 interstate. With the anticipated increase of jobs and other developments along this corridor expected over the next couple of years, now is the time for moving this project forward immediately.

The construction of the Highway 30 project should be a priority transportation project for our state and for the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development. The Highway 30 Coalition supports securing the needed funding and prioritization to accelerate the project’s timeline.

The Highway 30 Coalition exists to expand roadway capacity and ease traffic congestion along Highway 30 in Ascension Parish through pursuing state and federal funding opportunities, accelerating the project milestones, and raising awareness among state and community leaders of this critical need.

The Highway 30 Coalition supports the following objectives:

  • Educate and generate awareness of the importance of Highway 30 to the state’s economy and quality of life
  • Support the promotion and advancement of the Highway 30 project with zero new taxes
  • Explore and pursue all state and federal funding opportunities that expedite the timeline for expansion of roadway capacity by leveraging relationships and forming a unified voice
  • Identify key project milestones to accelerate design, right of way acquisition, construction and permitting processes and engage state and federal agencies in expediting process, along with property owners along the corridor who can help advance the project
  • Track adjacent and related transportation projects in the nearby vicinity that may ease the traffic congestion or provide alternative routes
  • Highlight the project’s goals and outcomes that support the broader regional and statewide economic and mobility goals

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