The Small Business Council is made up of a diverse representation of Ascension Chamber small business members. The Council is an important resource for small businesses in the community. By advocating for their interests and providing them with support and resources, the council helps small businesses to grow and succeed.

We are thrilled to be starting the Ascension Chamber’s first Small Business Council. To be sure we are meeting the needs of our small businesses, we would like to start with this survey to better understand our local small businesses. Please feel free to share this survey with other small businesses. The more information we have, the better!

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The Small Business Council’s goal is to provide continuing education, partnerships, resources, and networking opportunities to help our small business community thrive and prosper. 

Purpose and Goals: 

The council’s purpose is to help small businesses succeed in Ascension Parish. Through education, training, targeted networking opportunities, access to resources, mentorship and partnerships the council will provide small businesses with the tools and practices needed to prosper and further boost our economy through job creation.  

  • Education and training: The council provides educational resources and training opportunities to help small business owners learn about best business practices, technologies, and government programs. This may include workshops, seminars, and online courses.
  • Marketing Initiatives: Develop marketing campaigns and initiatives to boost the visibility of local small businesses and encourage local consumer support.
  • Networking: To create opportunities for small businesses to connect, collaborate, and share experiences with each other and other members of the community. This may include events, business mixers, or roundtable discussions. This helps to build relationships and foster collaboration. 
  • Economic development and Aid: The council works to promote economic development in the community by supporting the growth of small businesses. This may involve attracting new businesses to the community, helping existing businesses to expand, and promoting the community as a great place to do business. The Council will establish partnerships with financial institutions and grant programs to facilitate easier access to capital for small businesses.


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