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The Ascension Chamber of Commerce has over 500 members and represents a wide range of businesses and professions. The Chamber is a non-profit organization not associated with any governmental agency and has dues that are 100 percent tax deductible as an ordinary and necessary business expense.

The greatest value of a Chamber Membership is derived from successful programs that solicit new business and improve the economic climate and quality of life in the Ascension Parish area.

These programs lead to a healthy, expanding economy, which creates more demand for goods and services. This benefits every business and professional person in the area. Even though you may not be able to volunteer time, the Chamber works hard to offer its members a growing list of business incentives!

Business Referrals: A Personal Referral is One of the Most Effective Forms of Advertising

The Chamber Office acts as an informational hub for long-term residents of the parish, newcomers to the area and visitors. Any inquiries to the Chamber office for products or services are referred to member businesses ONLY!

Networking Opportunities: It’s Not Only What You Know, But Who You Know

Join us to interact with hundreds of potential clients, suppliers and business associates. The Chamber’s networking events bring business professionals together in an informal setting and provide a fun opportunity to make new business contacts!

Promotional Activities: Seeing is Believing

The Chamber plans and executes monthly events allowing businesses opportunities to visually promote their products with promotional items, passing out business-related goodies, and offering corporate door prizes.

Advertising Assistance: Break Business Goals without Breaking the Bank

The Chamber works to offer you affordable advertising opportunities. For only $75, the Chamber can send out an E-Blast with your custom flyer, which reaches over 700 key business people in the community. The Chamber can also help with your mail-outs by preparing and printing free mailing labels for each of our Chamber Members. Bring us your labels, and we’ll get your direct mail campaign started! In addition, we allow member businesses to display business cards and promotional flyers on our office’s informational wall. And, most importantly, Chamber Members have direct access to our database listing of all Chamber Members’ contact information, which is perfect for mass e-mails and mail-outs.

News You Can Use: Successful Businesses Stay-Updated

Chamber Members enjoy access to our Bi-Weekly Newsletter that offers the latest news and gives a summary of upcoming events. In addition to our newsletter, the Chamber sends out faxes and emails highlighting important local and national legislative issues.

Community Visibility: Your Business Should Be the Talk of the Town

The Chamber offers membership listings and advertisement opportunities in the Chamber Directory, which is distributed to over 5,000 people beyond Ascension Parish. We also offer businesses the option to include their direct website link on our website for a minimal annual fee of $15. In addition, we offer community marketing through our relocation packets and widely-circulated parish maps.

Educational Growth: Knowledge is Your Most Valuable Office Supply

Education falls directly in line with the Chamber’s mission of facilitating economic growth among businesses. The Chamber firmly believes that businesses, workers and consumers can benefit from a well-trained workforce. Therefore, we offer opportunities to attend educational seminars, training workshops and forums featuring speakers focusing on current issues that can impact your business.

Leadership Ascension: All Leaders Begin as Learners

The Chamber hosts a 10-month program called Leadership Ascension. The mission of this program is to awaken the leadership potential in Ascension Parish. This highly sought after program begins with a team-building retreat and proceeds to offer monthly events that take students on a tour of the parish. This program’s alumni are the Who’s Who of Ascension Parish.

Professional Growth: Expand Your Knowledge of Expansion

As a supporter of the Ascension Economic Development Corporation, the Chamber disseminates current information involving developments that may affect businesses in our area. This not only keeps Chamber businesses educated but also provides opportunities for you and your employees to become involved in the expansion of our business community.

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